Farmers' Market means a common facility or area where the primary purpose is for 2 or more farmers to gather to sell a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and other locally produced farm and food products directly to consumers. * Cultivated mushrooms must be commercially-raised and have documentation detailing their source. Wild type mushrooms picked in the wild are prohibited. Click the links for information on selling: Honey, Dairy, and Eggs.

Cottage Food Operations

The Illinois Cottage Food law allows vendors to sell goods prepared in their home kitchens at farmers' markets. Click here for information regarding restrictions as to what foods can be prepared. Vendors must complete a registration application in the county which they live and can participate in any farmers' market regardless of county. A Cottage Food Packet containing a registration form and guidelines pertaining to Cottage Food operations can be found here. 

Effective July 20, 2015, the Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act was amended to include food product sampling. Click here for a product sampling guidelines and an application.

Those wishing to offer food sampling must have either a food service permit from the Health Department or a valid Illinois Farmers' Market Food Product Sampling Handler Certificate  as well as Certified Food Protection Manager certificate (CFPM). Those who do not have a CFPM must take an online training course at Train Illinois; course number 1061218 and take an ANSI approved Food Handler course. 

If you have questions regarding the farmers' markets and/or cottage food operations, please contact:

Brittany Jones, Public Health Environmentalist at (618) 684-3143, ext. 128 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.