Upcoming events will be posted on the home page under JCHD Today and also advertised in local newspapers.


Shred Day

Jackson County Health Department hosts a free confidential document shredding event at least once a year in the spring or fall. Items from businesses, schools, governments, and other large generators are not accepted. Examples of paper items that residents can bring in for shredding include bank statements, medical and insurance forms, personal files, old tax forms, and receipts. Paper clips and staples are acceptable, but binders and binder clips should be removed.

All shredded paper is sent to a paper recycling facility where it is turned back into new products, like paper towels.


Household Chemical Collection

Jackson County Health Department currently schedules one Household Chemical Collection event each year. Items accepted through this event are paint, pesticides, aerosol products, mercury, and other like items. No business, agricultural, industrial, or government wastes are accepted. There are some local outlets available year-round for items like motor oil, antifreeze, and lead acid batteries. Please call the health department at 618-684-3143, ext. 128 for disposal guidance and event information.